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2 August 2021

Zoo Melaka Receives Donation Of Medical Supplies From Fusionex

Zoo Melaka received a much-needed donation when data technology leader Fusionex donated medical supplies worth RM10,000.

The tightened SOPs imposed by MCO 3.0, which comprise movement restrictions and mandated closure of most businesses, saw the zoo being placed in a difficult financial spot as it relies on ticket sales, membership packages and in-zoo purchases as a major source of funds. Currently, Zoo Melaka remains closed to ensure the safety of its staff, volunteers, guests and animal residents.

“We would like to thank Fusionex for their donation as it will go towards helping Zoo Melaka weather these uncertain times. We would also like to convey our deepest appreciation to all donors for their outpouring of support in aiding our conservation efforts. Your contribution is vital to ensuring the wellbeing of our animal friends,” said a Zoo Melaka representative.

Previously, Zoo Melaka made an appeal for contributions to sustain its monthly upkeep costs, which includes operational expenses, medical costs, and the dietary needs of the 600 animals living in the zoo.

This donation is part of Fusionex’s ongoing CSR program, which is a continuous initiative to support various charitable organizations and vulnerable communities.

“We are deeply moved by Zoo Melaka’s relentless dedication in creating natural habitats and looking after the welfare of its animals. Their conservation efforts in preventing the extinction of many vulnerable and threatened species, which is never an easy task, deserve our utmost respect and recognition. It was indeed our honor to offer a helping hand, albeit a small one, to Zoo Melaka as there is great need for such support and positivity, especially during these challenging times. We hope that more people will be inspired to find it in their hearts to donate what they can to help keep the zoo afloat,” said Fusionex Group CEO Dato’ Seri Ivan Teh.

Built in 1963, Zoo Melaka is Malaysia’s second-largest zoo and houses 150 species of animals from across the world. It also serves as a center for conservation, research and education.

To find out how you can contribute, visit Zoo Melaka’s website at For inquiries, you may reach them at +606-2323900 or email