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Shape Your Business with Artificial Intelligence

Shape Your Business with Artificial Intelligence


Course Overview

Learn the concepts and application of common Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques used in businesses or organizations within and outside your industry. 

What You’ll Learn
• An overview of AI and what can be achieved by organizations that adopt and use it
• How to identify opportunities and capitalize on AI to solve problems for your organization
• Which AI tools are best suited to making a real difference for your organization
• How AI can help your organization with its digital transformation journey
• What to pay attention to in making the digital transformation a reality

Audience Profile

This course is for you if you are:
• A business owner, manager or executive
• Looking to understand more about AI
• Looking to learn how AI can transform your business or organization

No prerequisite required but basic knowledge and experience in business administration would be helpful.

Course Outline

Course Outline

  • Overview of AI
  • Key Drivers for AI
  • Best Practices for Business Leaders through the use of AI
  • AI Tools: Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Reinforcement Learning
  • Transform Customer Engagement
  • Transform Your Products/Offerings
  • Optimize Employee Productivity
  • AI Solutions


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Duration 1 Day
Full Price RM 1,500
Early Bird Price RM 1,300

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