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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence


Course Overview

Everyone has their unique life path through this world. Whether it is easy, full of excitement, happiness or whether it is a tough and sour one, it is all depending on how we interact and collaborate with the world, with the society, and with the people around us. We are born to have talents and doorways that we can open to make this a richer, greater experience. One of the talents we have is our ability to sense and understand our emotion, manage it, recognize it and influence the emotions of those around us. This talent has a name, which is call Emotional intelligence.

Emotion intelligence is a gift that we all could master it, and it cannot be created, hence it is not replaceable in this age with advance technologies and AI robots. Participants will learn understand their emotions and how the emotions could impact your life path, methods to self-manage on emotion, effectively release the negative emotion. Participants also learn to be aware of the emotions people around, understand their emotions and how could influence the emotions of those around them, maintain healthy relationship with people around them or subordinates in workplace.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
•Be more aware and differentiate their emotions and understand how the emotions could impact their life path, their career, their relationship with family and people for now and future.
•How to self-manage on their emotion, gain confidence of dealing with supervisors/superior, and effectively release the emotion in professional way.
•Be aware of the emotions people around you, understand their emotions and how could use the methods learnt to influence the emotions of those around.
•How to build and maintain the relationship with people around, our peers, or subordinates in workplace.

Audience Profile

This course is greatly beneficial to everyone who are above 18 years old, including students in high school and university, individual who are passionate to become a true leader, individual who seeking for doorways to have better life path in maintaining relationship with people around them, and people who willing to understand their own emotion and knowing emotion could impact their life path including personal health.

Course Outline

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence Competencies
  • Self-awareness on Emotion
  • The Triangle Model
  • Self-management on Emotions (Techniques, Processes)
  • Defensive on Emotions
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Management


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Duration 2 Days
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