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Data Science for Business

Data Science for Business


Course Overview

This course is designed for business users with little scientific background who want to take their data analysis skills to the next level. Participants will learn how to turn customer data into actionable insights to improve business outcomes. From customer segmentation to product recommendations, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of data analytics techniques that can be applied immediately to their business. With real-world examples, hands-on exercises guided by expert instructor, this course is the perfect opportunity for business users to transform their data into a competitive advantage.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to understand the basics of business data analytics and how data can be analyzed and interpreted through an analytics platform. Participants will have a good understanding of concepts on customer segmentation, predicting customer churn, calculating customer lifetime value (CLV), detecting anomalies in customer data, forecast potential future sales using historical data, recommend products to customers based on their behavior and preferences and improve customer engagement and loyalty. Participants will apply these techniques through hands-on sessions. Participants will leave the course with a comprehensive understanding of how to use analytics platform to analyze and interpret business data, and will be equipped with the knowledge on how to turn customer data into a competitive advantage for their business.

Audience Profile

This course is suitable for individuals with basic understanding of business and data concepts, no prior programming experience is required.

Course Outline

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Data Science for Business
  • Customer Segmentation (CS)
  • Churn Prediction (CP)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Prediction
  • Anomaly Detection (AD)
  • Time Series Forecasting (TSF)
  • Product Recommendation (PR)
  • Review and Summary


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