Fusionex Academy is more than just an academy that churns out training courses. We are run by capable and experienced data technology experts, with the aim of creating and delivering the best learning experience for all who strive for business growth and career aspirations using state-of-the-art data technologies.

We offer a wide range of Instructor-Led Training (ILT)  training ranging from Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cloud Computing (Google Cloud Authorized Training Partner), Industry Revolution 4.0 to E-Commerce to suit your diverse needs.

Google Cloud Authorized Training Partner ATP

Stay Relevant to Industry Trends

Transform your workforce and organization to meet the latest industry trends. Trained directly by data technology experts who provide relevant and sophisticated solutions to wide range of industries.

Enjoy Live Training Interaction

Get 100% live training interaction with our instructors via Instructor-led Training, with the flexibility to attend face-to-face training, or virtual training from the comfort of your home or office.

Get Certified & Industry Recognized

Invest in capacity development, as well as workforce upskilling and reskilling with a trusted, credible and MDEC’s endorsed Data Technology Training Partner.

Benefit from Cost Effective Learning

Leverage on HRD Corp training grants to advance the data technology skills and knowledge of your workforce. Organizational learning and development can be as cost effective as it can be.

See What Others Say

“I went for the Data Engineering on Google Cloud training organised by Fusionex with Shek Hang Cheng and Chun How Gan as my instructors. Great teachers. I enjoyed my training session with Fusionex, especially the labs, very engaging.

I have been using Google Cloud in the past few years to build data acquisition systems for our Tunnel Boring Machines and this course taught me so much more about what products I could use and how I can design a robust and scalable data pipeline with query analytics. Totally impressed with what Google Cloud has to offer to developers across the world.”

John Lim
Excellence Transformation Lead

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“As someone who has little-to-none programming background, I was a bit anxious to learn about big data tools like Python, Hadoop, PySpark etc. After much hurdles, I am glad to say I have passed my Professional Certificate in Applied Data Engineering! Not only that I passed, but I got commendable technical score of 85%”

I wouldn’t have done this without major support from my sponsor, trainers from Fusionex Academy (Dr. Guo, SK Tan, Ms. Mei & Ms. Fay), family, immediate supervisor & manager, colleagues, friends and most importantly, my batchmates.

Faris Danial
Executive, Gas Demand Management

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“Happy that I’ve passed the exam and am officially a certified Data Scientist. One of my goals checked.

Thank you so much Fusionex especially Dr. Guo and SK Tan for all the knowledge.”

Zarifah Mohamed
Data Scientist

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“A big thanks to the awesome trainers from Fusionex for the Data Engineering Certification acknowledgement. And of course thanks to our great colleagues.

Being able to equip myself with knowledge of PySpark, SQL, Hadoop, Hive, Impala, Shell, and big data in year 2020 give me insights on what a data engineer can be and contributes in the industry. ”

Syamim Idris
Reliability Engineer, Technical Services

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“The class flowed really well, I love the presence of learning objective and learning outcome at the start and end of the class, as it helped us in centering ourselves to follow the class.

There was also ample time to think, respond and adapt into the class flow. I love this class and Dr. Guo is very patient in teaching and guiding all of us virtually. So much love for her.”

Wan Nurul
Senior Associate

“The Python course is so fantastic to learn. I was enjoying my learning on 1st day since the 1st day was just basic for beginner. However when it came to 2nd day, the topic got tough. Dr. Guo is a very good trainer and she knows how to balance the training with practical and theory.”

Product Orderability, Configuration Developer


Ranging from in-depth lessons to practical applications of Fusionex Big Data Analytics to analyze large-scale data sets and gain meaningful business insights, Fusionex’s BDA Training Course offers complete and industry-ready training for those interested in BDA.



Learn and acquire key hands-on technical skills and best practices needed to design, deploy, manage and administer various applications/infrastructure on Google Cloud technology. Topics covered include big data, machine learning, architecting, app development and more.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad and fast-growing field that allows systems to simulate human intelligence and thought processes in machines. Our AI courses provide an overview of the principles and approaches to AI in addition to its practical implementation.



Learn to leverage on Industry 4.0 technology as business enabler for digital transformation. Learn about automation, Industry Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics, as well as the tools, techniques and framework that are commonly used in today’s Industry 4.0 implementation.



Boost your business with E-Commerce, whether you are in the Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Consumer (B2C) space. Learn to transform your business online and the ins-and-outs of running a successfully online business.



At Fusionex Academy, we place strong emphasis on industry relevancy in your learning experience. Find a course that suits you.


Prefer to learn something more specific to your workforce and organization? Let us know today!