Google Career Certificates Program

Google Career Certificates Program

Delivered by Fusionex Academy

The Google Career Certificates are a suite of flexible online training programs available on Coursera. They require no prior relevant experience or degree and are designed to provide learners with job-ready skills in high-growth fields in under six months. The certificates are entirely developed by Google but bring no revenue or profit for Google and delivered by Fusionex Academy without any cost to you!

These certificates are product agnostic and are designed to help people prepare for jobs at any company or sector. Certificate holders completed the certificate 100% online within 6 months, with under 10 hours of study per week, acquiring the following competencies:

  • Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

    ● Knowledge of working with essential data analysis platforms (Excel, SQL, Tableau, R) and when to use them in the data lifecycle
    ● Understanding of how to translate a business question into a data analysis exercise, incl. transforming, visualising, and modelling data
    ● Knowledge of how to distil findings into actionable takeaways
    ● Completed capstone project

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  • Google Project Management Professional Certificate

    ● Knowledge of managing and executing agile and traditional projects & programs from initiation to completion
    ● Possession of template toolbox and artefacts to manage an array of scenarios and essential elements (e.g. schedules, budgets, product requirements, etc.)
    ● Understanding of organisational structure, business process and acumen, and communication and leadership styles

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  • Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate

    ● Knowledge to develop digital marketing strategies to attract and engage customers through various channels including search, social media and email
    ● Experience in using marketing analytics tools, like Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of the campaign
    ● Build e-commerce stores, analyse e-commerce performance, and grow customer loyalty
    ● Use tools and platforms, such as Canva, Constant Contact, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Shopify, Twitter, Google Ads and Google Analytics

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