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1 February 2013

Fusionex achieves a hugely successful IPO in the London Stock Exchange

” The hugely successful IPO exercise marks just the beginning of our journey. We are now geared towards channeling our energies to expand our horizons, but remain committed to our existing markets and clientele, and will continue to deliver on our promises.”

London, United Kingdom — February 1, 2013— Fusionex went public on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) AIM in December, impressing investors and competitors alike. With a current market capitalisation of more than RM500 Million (£100 Million), Fusionex is now one of the largest Malaysian based IT Company by market capitalisation. Its IPO last month was also a refreshing change to an already lacklustre market, making Fusionex London’s largest technology IPO of 2012.

Fusionex is in the business of providing high quality enterprise software and solutions with a particular focus in business intelligence and core transactional systems for various industries. Core transactional systems are the backbone systems that companies use to run their day-to-day businesses, whilst business intelligence in a nutshell helps decision makers in businesses make sense of the vast amounts of data and information that are in hand. With clients and offices in Asia, Europe and the US, Fusionex is looking towards improving its product development whilst also expanding into new markets in the near future. Its existing clients include but are not limited to multinational and renowned companies such as Jones Lang LaSalle, Hewlett-Packard, Daimler, Volkswagen, TNS Group, PSA, RBS, UOB, CIMB, MetLife, Starwoods, Air Asia, GroupM and many other reputable names.

Defying Slow Market Trends

Fusionex succeeded in being one of only a few Malaysian owned companies to be listed in the London Stock Exchange. Its IPO was significantly oversubscribed (by more than 3 times) and received overwhelming interest and response from high quality institutional investors such as JP Morgan, Standard Life, BlackRock, Cartesian, Rathbones, Invesco, Herald, Hargreave Hale, Casenove, Charles Stanley, Ignis, etc.

Fusionex has since then become one of the best performing technology counters on the LSE. Since its initial public offering where the company raised RM60 Million (£12 Million), Fusionex’s shares have continued trading steadily and have seen its share prices appreciate by more than 50%, such that its current market capitalisation currently exceeds RM500 Million (£100 Million).

Fusionex’s financial stability is evident as it has and continues to enjoy steady year-on-year growth in terms of revenue and profit after tax.

As A World-Class Global Technology Partner

Fusionex has accomplished much in its existence including winning many awards, with the latest recognition as a Microsoft Platinum partner. Aside from Microsoft, Fusionex also enjoys a strong partnership with IBM, Dell, HP as well as other prominent IT players in the industry. Fusionex continues to be recognised for a string of awards and accolades including but not limited to the following:

  • Business Intelligence Partner of the Year Among 3,000 worldwide entries, 16,000 representatives from all over the world
  • Accreditations Fusionex enjoys accreditations including CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001 as well as XBRL

Fusionex places a heavy emphasis on Big Data and is therefore one of the early adopters and pioneer Hadoop trained Big Data software solution providers in the market.

Although it is still at the beginning of its journey, Fusionex’s stellar rise in the stock market indicates that Fusionex could very well be poised to be the Next Big Thing, ASEAN’s very own home grown version of Apple or Google. It is indeed a testament that an Asian company can stand tall among its western counterparts in the provision of high quality solutions and offerings.