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News & Events

18 October 2012

Dataworld 2012, Singapore

Data and Analytics is core to the future of the financial services industry

DataWorld 2012 will cover the way in which the use of data and analytics is transforming banking, financial services industry. Designed for the financial services industry of the future, DataWorld seeks to change the way we perceive the industry and how we interact with our customers today.

This exciting 2 day conference is packed with the latest in-depth research and innovative case studies. Featuring best practice leaders across industries such as retail, airlines, governments, telecommunications, run alongside interactive activities and a large scale exhibition. Speakers will be professionals from a range of industries, including retailers, airlines, governments, telecommunications as well as academics and thought leaders who have developed our understanding of organizing data for businesses.

Some of the main themes which will be discussed during the conference include: risk and governance, customer analytics, enterprise level data architecture and the impact of Big Data on everything from the cloud to customer experience across channels.

Fusionex is proud to be one of the key sponsors of the event and will be speaking and participating in an expert panel session on Predictive and Quantitative Analytics.