Company: Transportal Solutions
Name: Luci Mathews
Designation: Managing Director

Transportal Solutions provides on-board entertainment and information packages to the transport industry. Passengers can enjoy movies, games, magazines, journey information, and passenger notifications in multiple languages by connecting their mobile devices to the on-board network.

Prior to our engagement with Fusionex, customer reports were generated manually; these reports are integral towards improving our services as they form feedback from those using our systems. At the same time, we needed to find a way to gather reports efficiently without allocating more than the necessary resources towards it.

As we have numerous data sources from our various clients and services, we were looking for a solution to handle the vast amount of data generated. We needed a solution to pull all that information and provide a comprehensive reporting platform.

We found Fusionex GIANT to have what we needed. It managed to gather raw data from multiple sources, mine them and translate the data into usable reports. The flow was an immediate game changer to us as reports could be generated automatically and with speed, saving us time and money.

Despite the vast amount of data and various sources that they were collected from, GIANT was able to slice, dice and crunch the data into manageable formats and insightful visualizations, with ease at that! Finding the information we needed was easy and the set up was flexible in that we could tailor the reports to our liking based on our needs.

Our support team benefitted immensely as the delivery of reports to clients sped up, allowing them to take on additional tasks with the same amount of time. Our business development team also utilized GIANT to find insights into trends, giving customers optimum comfort when choosing en route entertainment.

The reporting services we offer which includes informing travelers their routes, location and estimated arrival etc, would benefit greatly from the use of GIANT. Its near real time data processing even takes into account variables such as delays, inclement weather and rerouting to optimize reporting accuracy.

We would certainly recommend Fusionex GIANT to companies which, like us, are looking for an easy to use solution, with fast results, and with large amounts of data from a multitude of sources.