Company: oneclick™
Name: Dominik Birgelen
Designation: Managing Director

oneclick™ operates an innovative application delivery platform. Through the platform, companies can connect to any cloud or private cloud and distribute software applications to their employees, external partners, or customers. Being fully web-based, our services are available worldwide. Applications are streamed to users at high velocity and new user accounts can be created within seconds.

With numerous users onboard our platform using a multitude of software applications, we get a large amount of data generated every day. The amount of data on our servers represented massive potential which we wanted to tap. We hoped that by analyzing the data and discovering trends, we would reach our goal of helping customers make the right decisions regarding applications for their company.

Operating a web-based service, we have to match the speed and immediacy of the Internet. So we were looking for a user-friendly Big Data software with impressive visualization as we wanted something that could be implemented quickly alongside our services.

We also deal with applications that cater to a vast variety of different business processes. Thus, we needed a Big Data software that could be easily configured to include various factors from different applications. In our search for software, we came across Fusionex GIANT.

GIANT works even better than expected. It is incredible how easily everything is achieved by using the drag and drop feature. This functionality works very well as it allows for analysis to be carried out even by staff that are not well versed with the technicalities of data science. By being able to mine and slice data, key decision-makers can look at data from different angles and produce sound business strategies.

Compared to other solutions, GIANT is very affordable. We were impressed by its visualization capabilities and managed to create some fancy cockpits. The ability to make predictions with the platform’s built-in forecast tools is also very powerful.

Through clearly visualized cockpits, our complex data is presented in a very transparent way for our customers to make informed, data-based decisions.

We would strongly recommend Fusionex GIANT to our customers for their own data transparency – seeing through complex data and gaining clear insights for making better business decisions.