Company: Advanced Computing Research Centre
Name: Prof Mike Holcombe
Designation: Director

The Advanced Computing Research center (ACRC) was established by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and the University of Sheffield in 2013. It is dedicated towards fast-forwarding technological research into business benefit by developing innovative products and services.

We constantly come across businesses struggling to gain meaningful information to support their business objectives by utilizing the data at their disposal. Large amounts of data are often overwhelming and there are not many products out there that can manage and process such volume and variety of data at the speed that is needed.

Many of the products in the market often employ simplistic analytics that have to be reproduced again and again in various forms before a company can begin to see its value.

What we discovered was that Fusionex GIANT enables users to pull vast amounts of data from various data sources and create visualizations that suit the needs of end-users. No complex training is required and end-users can experiment with the data in a user-friendly manner to derive instant visual feedback.

Making it easy to visually pull together data to produce customized visualizations, Fusionex GIANT has a great interface. There is no longer a need of having to compare and contrast graphs that give you only part of the full picture that you may want to see.

We would definitely recommend Fusionex GIANT as a key data management and analytics platform, which certainly makes it easy to see meaningful information. The ACRC works with small, medium or large businesses on one-off projects with lifecycles of two months and upwards. The center’s experienced academic and research staff carry out highly-focused R&D projects addressing the many challenges faced by businesses today.