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Case Study

One of ASEAN’s Largest Financial Institutions

The Challenge
Due to a variety of data sources and the sheer complexity required for integration, it is always a challenge to understand what internal data (e.g.: sales, mortgage, credit card etc.) is saying vs external data (e.g. social media, campaign systems). This challenge was a particularly sore point for the client with complaints from key decision makers that they were struggling to get clear insights at lightning speed, and the fact that the non-addressing of the above challenge was severely hampering their ability to make key decisions, because they did not have the right information in place.
Our Solution

Via Fusionex GIANT, our client was able to monitor, make sense of social sentiments and relate this to customer satisfaction as well as key areas of improvements.

The client used GIANT to understand trends and patterns so that they could better market their products, increase sales with focus groups and targeted marketing. In the process of doing so, they were able to attract and better retain their customers. Tapping into the power of Big Data analytics, they were finally able to obtain the superior customer insights and analytics that they sought, thus helping them move things forward efficiently with focused planning through actionable insight. The results have since been extremely positive, with customers giving the client an overall go-to institution rating of 2 ranks above their current ranking in the region; all of this within a mere 6 months from GIANT’s deployment!