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Case Study

An Established Insurance Provider

The Challenge
The client has established itself as a key player in the insurance industry with over 36 years of experience. Its products range from personal to commercial insurance as well as special schemes tailored to specific needs of corporate customers. The rapid growth rate meant that there is an urgent need for a solution that can help them monitor and ensure that their service levels consistently met expectations. However, without dashboards within its operating environment, the client had restricted views of their daily performance with no total visibility. This setback resulted in reactive action plans, as they could only be crafted during the month / year end when reports were presented. The constant change in reporting requirements also required a lot of resources to perform data analysis which indirectly impacted service levels.
Our Solution

With our solution, users are given the privilege to view the overall business performance and operations at any time. This enables department heads as well as operational staffs to act pro-actively as soon as they see variances or signs of performance deterioration. To address the clients’ needs of ad hoc data analysis, the solution also provides the client with access to enable them to perform detailed analysis.