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Case Study

An Established Airline

The Challenge
Due to the large network spanning across 20 countries and more, huge amounts of data is being collected daily. These collected data require analysis and processing in order for the management to make informed decisions. There is also more than 1 data source that disseminates information to the team of analysts to display them in offline dashboards. The challenge lies in preparing these offline dashboards. A significantly large pool of resources is needed to manage the amount of data and present them in an informative and understandable format. The client realized that it can better manage its resources with a solution that automates data process, analysis and one that can generate displays that enables the management to make swift decisions as and when required.
Our Solution

With the “Aviation Dashboard Solution”, the client is empowered with key information to aid their decision making process. Its’ features include dashboards displaying key metrics and performance results, which keeps the top management updated on daily operations as well as, also helping them to spot potential problems from the onset. The solution also enables collection, massaging and analyzing of data from various sources to be automated, allowing the client to increase their productivity by focusing on key matters. It eliminates multiple versions of offline dashboards and most importantly, allows key personnel to focus on the correct set of data anytime, anywhere.