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Case Study

A World Renowned Group in the Hospitality Sector

The Challenge
A key challenge for our client was how to leverage on analytics to manage peaks and valleys in their business, ‘blackout’ days, as well as how could they optimize room occupancy levels; how could they manage promotions by ‘bringing in the crowd at the right place and right time’. The client had in its possession voluminous data relating to the above (rooms booking data, some flight / airport transfer data, customer preferential / CRM data etc.), as well as social / mobile data, but lacked a powerful system to harness such complex data into useful information.
Our Solution

With Fusionex GIANT, the client is now able to overcome the plethora of data that was originally disconnected and stuck within various separate systems running in silo.

Efficiency in information furnishing increased by more than 200%. Data crunching and data processing is now automated, and the client now has visibility on patterns, co-relations, trends and even ‘glaring flaws’ in strategies, thus empowering them towards making decisions on increasing revenue, filling up rooms / occupancies at the right price, as well as decisions needed towards the right target customers, thus improving revenue and operational efficiencies significantly. Following GIANT’s deployment, occupancy efficiency has increased by more than 60%.