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Case Study

A Public Listed Oil & Gas Company

The Challenge
The client faced immense difficulties in consolidating its documents because of its presence in various geographies, located all around the world. Huge amounts of data are stored on local file servers in shared drives that are only accessible within certain local offices. There was also a lack of document taxonomy and metadata as a result of unclassified, uncategorized storage of the data, resulting in data retrieval becoming a tedious task. We were given the two-fold responsibility to help the client straighten out its documentation, and at the same time achieve an ISO 9001 certification which requires an effective document management system in the organization.
Our Solution

We deployed an oil and gas specific document management solution that enabled the client to consolidate its documents globally on a single document management platform. In doing so, the client successfully achieved its certification objective of by being ISO 9001 compliant.

With our solution, the client is now centralizing all documentation relating to corporate processes and procedures, enabling relevant personnel to access these documents quickly from any location in the world. Our solution also allows teams in various locations to provide input and feedback on processes and procedures to ensure that the highest level of efficiency and productivity is maintained. This is done without compromising the various regulatory restrictions in the many countries that the client operates in.