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Case Study

A Premier Financial Services Group

The Challenge
Although the client had an existing intranet portal, it faced a number of issues in bringing the system up to a consistent level. There was a lack of standard Intranet policies, governance, processes and technology framework, resulting in lengthy work processes. Updating and maintaining contents were time consuming and very specialized, as only the staff from IT department could be tasked with it. There was no collaboration between departments, leading to ineffective information dissemination. To address these issues, the client requested to have in place a more flexible, features-rich, extensible portal platform to integrate communication between employees, management, partners / suppliers and client communities.
Our Solution

Fusionex deployed an Enterprise Portal which leverages on the latest portal and collaboration technologies. With this portal in place, the public is now able to access promotions and information that the client publishes online. Streamlined content publishing means the client can publish content from draft to approved versions within a shorter period of time. The user friendly feature of this portal meant that it can be operated even by those not from an IT background.