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Case Study

A Major Hypermarket Chain

The Challenge
Managing a plethora of hypermarkets and supermarkets, the client was weighed down by massive amounts of both relational and non-relational data, generated on a daily basis. Over 85% of the data stockpiled was unstructured, with important data scattered in various file formats. Data analysis was a tedious process and could not be done in real-time. Reports took an inordinate amount of time to be produced. On top of that, reports generated were rigid and could not be amended on the spot. Hardware costs escalated as a result of the amount of data crunching which needed to be done manually.
Our Solution

The client’s entire database was migrated to Fusionex GIANT, enabling real-time business tracking and monitoring of data at all of the client’s nationwide stores, as well as seamless transmission of information back to headquarters. Automated key reports were created for each business function, including Finance, Stocks, Warehouse and Operations. Managers now receive push notifications every morning from GIANT with sales performance of the outlets.

By delivering relevant and updated insights to decision-makers, the client had an easier time planning, executing and analyzing their business activities. Precise stock replenishment, inventory movement and other critical decisions could be made speedily and efficiently, resulting in cost savings in excess of 33%.

Fusionex GIANT is saving time and money for the client through automation of data preparation. It has also reduced the amount of raw processing done on servers, thus generating an efficiency level improvement of approximately 46%.

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