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Case Study

A Leader in Ocean Freight & Contract Logistics

The Challenge
Our client offers services ranging from express document shipping to supply chain management, our client transports shipments worldwide. Huge amounts of data and back-end processes sat on a complex system which required effective data mining, data analysis and high volume processing. Our client wanted to automate the various systems in order to gain the necessary edge over competitors as well as conduct its daily operations in an effective manner. The management also wished to have quick access to the right management reports, with the right presentation styles and views.
Our Solution

We devised a solution that was equipped with proper integration and optimization of various systems. By putting in place a more efficient, robust and powerful system, our client had a system that functioned seamlessly, resulting in better efficiency. They are now able to generate and view information which was not possible with the legacy system. With an updated back-end system, resources are now optimized and yielding satisfactory results, which are all contributing factors towards the management’s ability to make timely and powerful decisions.