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Case Study

A Large Regional FMCG / Retail Group

The Challenge
An ever-increasing mass of data was under-utilized by the client, with information streaming in from disparate online and shop floor sources. With a presence in numerous countries, the client urgently needed a Big Data solution that could store, analyze and extract data to uncover insights from substantial data sets. The client was dissatisfied with the longevity and value of its manufacturing assets and sought a greater return on investment. They sought useful insights that would help improve the company’s asset maintenance plans, avoid breakdown in machinery, and ultimately stem rising costs.
Our Solution

By providing our Big Data Analytics solution for the client’s manufacturing processes, the client recorded higher yields, improved efficiency and reduced downtime. Insights derived from data coming from their shop floor enabled the client to reduce yield loss through the analysis of machine parametric values.

Parts could be replaced before they faced significant breakdowns and predictive analysis allowed the client to foresee approximately 90% of potential failures in their equipment. Yield losses were even reduced from incorrect diagnoses of faulty machinery by circa 25%.

A staggering amount of production time was also saved by utilizing image analytics which in turn identified defective units almost 10 times faster than manual inspections.