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Case Study

A Large Prolific Fashion / Retail Group

The Challenge
The client is one of the leading and major trendsetters in fashion and retail within the Asia Pacific region, with a presence in various countries that carry large sales volumes. Before Fusionex’s introduction, the client was facing challenges in numerous fronts, e.g. how to increase customers’ lifetime value, sustain loyal customers, win back customers that have started buying from competitors, enhance profitability while reducing promotional and advertising cost, how to gain insights to customers’ preference, etc. The client lacked a system to cope with the above challenges and was thus unable to sustain customer loyalty.
Our Solution

With the Fusionex Loyalty System launched, the client was able to get more than 15,000 new members in a mere span of 2 weeks! In less than a month, the client saw more than 100% increase in membership sign-up, and this figure is continuously boosting up.

Total transactions and new members’ spending have since marked a 37% increase. Further to that, sales volume for low-peak day of the week has increased without the need to run promotions and reduction of prices. This includes sales volume at outlets previously contributing to lower sales volume but which now have a higher membership transaction volume due to access by members via the Fusionex Loyalty system. The client is now also equipped with business insights to make instant decisions on customized promotions and campaigns to targeted groups.

With such significant results shown in a short period of time, the client now plans to roll out the loyalty system to all of its franchisees worldwide.