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Case Study

A Large Global Media Company

The Challenge
Our client’s operations ran on numerous systems that were no longer able to produce desired results. It lacked accuracy, performance and usability. Due to its’ poor design, architecture and coding quality, these systems were unreliable and difficult to maintain, rendering the customer struggling to cope with changing business needs or enhancements. It was also difficult to make changes to the system as it would trigger other functions and cause possible breakdowns.
Our Solution

Fusionex’s architects and business analysts worked closely with the customer to define a blueprint and roadmap for all sub-systems and applications. Subsequently, our team assisted the customer in designing and planning a smooth migration & upgrade plan. The systems / applications were developed with new / enhanced functionality and features, together with best coding practices. Our team provided a much more reliable system, alongside many features and business requirements which could not be supported by the original platform. The new implementation provided an improved architecture that was scalable, enabling the customer to easily change its business requirements and paved access to business intelligence and dynamic reporting capabilities. This resulted in better functionality, reliability, performance and security for all migrated systems, resulting in reduced time-to-market for new business processes.