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Case Study

A Large Financial Services Provider

The Challenge
The Group comprises of a number of different financial institutions, collectively providing a comprehensive range of financial services – commercial banking, merchant banking and capital markets, consumer finance, securities, investment and insurance – all under one global umbrella. With multiple systems, each requiring a different set of skills to maintain, our client experienced difficulty in its attempt to consistently introduce new products and services in order to keep abreast, and more importantly, to stay ahead of competition. The challenge was to upgrade their systems in order for departments to integrate and communicate effectively as well as to maintain a line of products for their customers.
Our Solution

We succeeded in deploying a comprehensive solution that allows the client to have better cohesion in its systems, and we managed to do it ahead of schedule. To provide better flexibility, we also customized a few of their products. With multiple systems having the ability to interact with each other, the client gained significant competitive advantage, and was able to ‘cross-sell’ more effectively.