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Case Study

A Global Building, Equipment & Management Company

The Challenge
Due to the various types of equipment, machinery, building management systems as well equipment such as cooling/ heating systems, there was a variety of data types that was being recorded but not necessarily processed and analyzed for actionable insight. There was simply too much data to crunch and it became an overwhelming task to consume the data. There was wastage and the client knew that there were insights and patterns that could be found by mining the data. Yet, it was impossible to do this manually or with the existing systems that they had.
Our Solution

Through Fusionex GIANT, the client was able to derive significant value where our system helped them capture, store, process and analyze the various types of machine / equipment data.

Patterns such as inefficient energy consumption, spikes due to sub-optimal usage, wastage, duration etc were identified via our system. The client was able to help its customers reduce wastage and lower down costs, resulting in energy consumption reduction by more than 20%!